Collection: The Missing Link


Introducing our exclusive jewelry line, The Missing Link Collection–a Collaboration by Amy Gertler and Basil Alexander Morningstar Duran.

Throughout the ages, The Missing Link has symbolized our search for meaning, connection, and protection in life.  Each piece in The Missing Link Collection is designed with precision and passion, symbolizing the essence of connection—bridging the past, present and future. 

From delicate pendants, to statement rings, to customized pieces, each stone is carefully selected and represents a facet of your journey. 

Whether worn as a personal statement or gifted as a symbol of love and protection, our Missing Link Collection invites you to celebrate the search for meaning in life and love.

Embrace Evolution. Embrace Connection. Embrace Love. Explore the Missing Link Collection and adorn yourself with the timeless beauty  of The Missing Link.

The Missing Link Collection is dedicated to Irene Moskowitz, my mother and trailblazer, who conceived and launched the original Missing Link, a 24 carat gold plated industrial chain link, which Neiman Marcus featured in its 1979 Christmas Catalog! If you have one, hold onto it!

It will bring you good luck!

Wishing you magical adventures on your Frolic & Detour,


The Missing Link